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Recently we were browsing through our reviews on Yelp and came across one of the most eloquently written reviews about our location on Tropicana from a Yelp user named Michael U. placed on June 20th, 2017.

Over the years we have received several heartfelt reviews online from people that truly loved our food and the Parsley Experience. However, this one particularly caught our attention so much so that we wanted to share it with our customers on our blog.

Here is the review from Yelp:

“Like many Las Vegas Restaurants, Parsley Modern Mediterranean began with the passion of immigrants, a man from Israel and his British wife originally meeting in Southern California before coming to Sin City and opening their first outpost in 2011, a second on the other side of Las Vegas Boulevard added in 2015 and both continuing to operate under a business model based on tradition, affordability and healthiness.

Originally envisioned in the form of a Mediterranean Street Food stand back in Los Angeles, the concept reshaped into a quick-casual Restaurant with a focus on bold flavors featuring all-natural ingredients upon opening the first location on South Pecos, it was Saturday evening around Six o’clock that a visit was paid to Parsley Modern Mediterranean #2 on West Tropicana Avenue, the narrow space about 2/3 full with kids on their way to EDC as well as a couple of local families while two women and a man worked the counter.

Described by one fan as a “Greek Chipotle,” and favored by a respected local Chef as one of his go-to spots for healthy food, patrons approaching the counter at Parsley are directed to the end furthest the door in order to place an order, the idea a fairly simple one with three Proteins plus Falafel offered as everything from Bowls to Pitas or Platters, several traditional Dips and Side Dishes also available along with Baklava and Fountain Soda.

Fairly light in decor, a few Bookshelves and a mounted rack of Mediterranean Spices the only ornamentation aside from reclaimed wood and tile, it was after some perusal that the decision was made to order as wide a variety as possible with a focus on tasting, a bit of strategy allowing one to taste four Dips, a salad and two of the four ‘Entrees’ plus Dessert for under eighteen dollars.

Serving many of the traditional Foods one might expect to find at their local Greek restaurant, everything but the Panini-press warmed Pita Bread made in house daily, it was with 80% of the order in hand that a table was found directly across from the register, first bites of the spit-roasted Chicken noteworthy thanks to not only the juicy texture but also a bold hint of Herbs, the Hummus atop which it was situated a substantial portion dusted in Paprika and Parsley with tangy Tzatziki added at the end.

Taking a chance to unwrap the Pita, a second look at the menu later indicating that Parsley does indeed offer a housemade version for $1.00 more per piece, suffice it to say that the store-bought version does little to detract or add to either the smoothly pureed Chickpeas with a hint of Garlic or the smoky Babaganoosh bright with Lemon and Cumin while the Eggplant Salad is cool, slick and refreshing with thick-cut roasted chunks tossed in Tomatoes, Olive Oil and Peppers.

Told that the $3.99 side of six Falafel was owner Ygal’s family recipe, the effort to fry them fresh appreciated even though the flattened shape led to a large surface area and thus a bit too much Oil, those who do not eat Meat are encouraged to taste the light green fritters for themselves with or without Tahini while anyone not on a diet would and without allergies would do well to finish with a small slice of Baklava available in many shapes, the traditional square featuring innumerable layers of Phyllo wrapped around ground Nuts and soaked in Honey.

****A nearly perfect idea when accounting for location, nutrition, ingredients and price, Parsley Modern Mediterranean is the sort of idea America should be embracing instead of the suddenly ‘clean’ Panera or 1,000+ calorie Burritos, the menu well-culled and highly customizable with almost everything offered naturally low in fat and available by request without any added Oil.”

See the Review on Yelp:

Read Michael U.‘s review of Parsley Modern Mediterranean on Yelp

Michael – If you come across this post know that we truly appreciate your beautifully written review. It’s things like this that reminds us why we started Parsley Modern Mediterranean in the first place.

We would love for you to visit us again soon. Please don’t be a stranger and ask for Debi. She would love to give you a great big hug.


Debi Sharoni
Owner, Parsley Modern Mediterranean

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