The Parsley Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Through generations in our family we have been taught the true meaning of tradition, the joys of sharing food and the love of serving others.

Our recipes are created with the freshest ingredients and the most delicate spices, without the use of any preservatives or additives. Our passion has always been serving you an unforgettable meal at a reasonable and truly affordable price!

Ygal and Debi Sharoni - Parsley Modern Mediterranean

Meet Ygal and Debi

Originally from Israel, Ygal moved to Los Angeles with his parents and brother where they opened a small, authentic Mediterranean restaurant, similar to those serving street foods in Israel. The recipes used in today’s Parsley kitchens originated from those memorable times in the City of Angels.

It was at that restaurant that Ygal met Debi, originally from London, and the rest is history!

Ygal and Debi opened their first Parsley Modern Mediterranean restaurant in 2011, their second location in 2015 and hope to continue growing with more locations around town.

Haviv and Dalia

Haviv and Dalia moved to Israel with 2 year old son Ygal in 1951 shortly after Ygal’s brother Avner was born and a few years later their sister Dorit.

Haviv and Dalia taught us the meaning of family, tradition, the joy of food and a deep love of serving others. They instilled in us the importance of ‘paying-it-forward’ and the need to always help those less fortunate in our community, wherever we live.

Sadly, Haviv passed away at the end of April, 2015 at the age of 92, leaving us with his profound wisdom, treasured recipes and beautiful memories.

The Parsley Team

The core team at Parsley has been working together for at least ten years and considers one another family. Each member is dedicated to providing the freshest food and the best service.



Loyal, kind, sweet Jo has been working for us since 2001. He was one of our managers at a previous restaurant and moved with us to Parsley Modern Mediterranean on Sunset and Pecos where our guests fall in love with his amazing attitude and permanent determination to make sure that every guest leaves happy, full and smiling.



Filemon is one of our original team who started working with us in 2000. Not only is he one of our managers at our Tropicana & Decatur location, but you will also find him helping Jo at our Sunset & Pecos location. Filemon also does our daily shopping, picking only the freshest and best quality ingredients. Whatever we need, whenever we need it, our reliable, wonderful Filemon is always ready and available.

Robert the Baker - Parsley Modern Mediterranean


Our master bread maker, Robert, is ready to come into the restaurant at the crack of dawn to start preparing our dishes. He has an astute sense of taste and smell and knows exactly what is needed to make each dish perfect.  His joy of life and permanent cheerfulness spills into everything that he creates in our kitchen.



Yola has been a vital member of our team since 2003.  She’s now at our Tropicana location as our head prep-cook, checking that our dishes meet our high standards, & training everyone the ‘exact’ way to prepare every dish.